IFF 2017


International Fellowship Festival

Sabiñánigo (Huesca)

August 1st - 12th

JIC - 2017

What Is the IFF?

The IFF was started in 1981 with the desire to promote Christian values and unity between the Evangelical Churches of Spain and the Evangelical Churches of other countries, within the Spanish culture and context. While at the convention participants will: grow in their faith; learn more about the history and culture of the city where the convention takes place; and work together to bring awareness of the Good News, display Christ's Love, and promote the Bible.

IFF - 2017

Why should You go?

At IFF you will be presented ​a unique opportunity to bring God's love to​ some of the​ most ​​needy communities.. During the conference you will learn to share your faith in many different ways, through volunteer work, sports, mime, illusionism, and leisure activities for children and friendship.
You will ​be discipled and trained ​ ​in your faith and in the Word of God ​so that you can grown and develop personally. You will also get a chance to discover or perfect your ​gifts and abilities ​ for serving God ​by attending lectures and workshops. ​Throughout the time you are serving with IFF you are getting a chance to give God the opportunity to show you what He can do with you.

Social Activities

Conference participants collaborate with one another to demonstrate God's love in a practical way. Some of these activities include donating blood, restoring beaches, cleaning parks, painting sports centers, and visits to nursing homes. We also do a benefit concert for a local NGO (non-profit).

Sport Activities

During the conference IFF hosts a Basketball Tournament, focused on Christian values. Our coach will integrate sports, fair play, and faith while creating an atmosphere to foster friendships and healthy fun in the city's youth.

Cultural Activities

Few read the Bible in Spain. Most identify themselves as Christians but have no personal relationship with Christ. As part of the conference a Festival is put on to promote Bible reading among children with puppet shows, clowns and crafts. For the same reason, we also put on a Summer Cinema, illusion, mime and exhibitions.

Educational Activities

The conference dedicates an signification portion of time to the training of its participants. IFF invests in you by discipling you in the practical application of the teachings of Jesus. With both sit-down workshops and the practical application as you serve God and others on the city streets, the IFF leadership is there to help train you every step of the way and answer any questions you may have.